2021 New Updates in In-service training

In-service training notice for Xincon HHA and PCA:


  1. Effective 01/01/2021, Xincon changed in-service training from quarterly to semiannually.


  1. You will be notified by text message and given a set period to finish the training.

All aides are required to complete seminar in-services within 2 weeks from the date You receive the notification.

  • Failure to complete in-services in 2 weeks – your Relias account will be deactivated and you will not be able to work until you complete the training.
  • Make up training will be allowed once.


  1. Credit/Test Requirement:
    • You need to take a test after finishing the training and the passing grade is 80%.
    • If you do not pass the test, you will have unlimited attempts to take the test.
    • Aide must complete following total hours credit in-services: HHA 12 hours and PCA 6 hours. Aide is fully responsible to complete in-services credit hours.


  1. Conditions that Xincon will not pay for your training hours:
    1. Non Active Employees: If you have not worked in Xincon for three months, Xincon will consider you as a non active employee. Non active employees can still take the training on Relias for maintaining your valid license, but Xincon will not pay for your training
    2. Failure to pass the test: If you do not meet the standard passing grade (80%), Xincon will not pay for your training However, you have unlimited tries to retake the test to get a passing grade of 80%
    3. Failure not complete total credit hours by end of year, Xincon will not pay past due make up in-services
    4. Non-Compliant Employees: If you have one or more non compliant items, Xincon will not be able to pay for the training until you make up the requirements.
    5. Xincon will generate the in-service result report on a monthly basis. If you complete all the training on time, you will get paid at the end of next month.